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Domel Company is well established brand with 74 years of tradition. Domel is internally-owned Slovenian company with more than 1.300 employees and turnover of 153 mio EUR in 2018. The company is organized in several Business Units, Laboratory Systems is one of them. Domel as a group of Business Units provides special motors for global market, it is also a leading provider of brushed turbine motors in EU with 65% market share. Business Unit Laboratory Systems (ex Tehtnica) established in 1959, start centrifuge production more than 60 years ago.

Domel LABS, Business Unit Laboratory Systems, is EUROPEAN trustworthy partner, supplying laboratory & medical equipment to its global distribution partners, providing highest quality and follows the highest safety standards. We provide solutions for medical laboratories, clinical testing equipment, instrument for sample preparation and homogenization. Beside a great, highly dedicated and trustworthy team, our own R&D department, excellent location in the middle of the Europe, ISO Certificates are one of our key competences. Domel LABS provides Laboratory equipment in more than 70 countries.

Business Unit Laboratory Systems (ex Tehtnica) established in 1959, start centrifuge production more than 60 years ago.

Tehtnica Company was founded in 1959 as trade company Tehtnica on the intiative of some members of the Niko Železniki factory. Tradition imbued with the sweat of Železniki’s ironmongers and experience gained through the operation of the cooperative Niko are the key for evolved electromechanical industry in Železniki city. The company soon expanded its product range and give focus on laboratory equipment.

Registered name: DOMEL, d.o.o. 
Registered office (invoices): Otoki 21, 4228 Železniki, Slovenia 
Business unit: Laboratory Systems 
Address for deliveries: Na Plavžu 79, 4228 Železniki, Slovenia 
Legal status: Limited liability company 
Company registration: no 5045401 
Tax number: SI47263512
Registered activity: 26.600 
Share capital: 5.184.051,08 EUR 
Bank account: 03128 - 1000804279 opened at SKB 
Establishment: 27.4.1946 
Quality standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 13485


YEAR 1946

- Company Niko was founded

YEAR 1949

- Extension of product range to laboratory equipment

YEAR 1953

- Development of the first electric motor for CENTRIFUGES and shakers

YEAR 1959

- Secession of the scales program and creation of our own company Tehtnica Železniki

YEAR 1964

- Tehtnica, precision mechanics company Železniki

- Purchase of Laboratory centrifuges and mixers from the Iskra Železniki factory (now Domel, d.d.)

YEAR 1987

- Completion of construction of the business facility and relocation of the entire collective to the facility

YEAR 1998

- The decision was accepted that the company be programmatically divided to 3 different programs:

a) Program A – Scales and weights

b) Program B – Laboratory equipment and milk program

c) Program Domel – assembly of brushes and electric motors

YEAR 2004

- ISO 9001: Quality system acquired and approved

YEAR 2010

- Tehtnica Company becomes a part of Domel, d.o.o. Company

YEAR 2013


YEAR 2015

- Development of Centrifuge Centric 250 and Centric 350

YEAR 2018

- Acquirement of AWEL centrifuges' program: design, production and distribution is held exclusively by Domel, d.o.o. Team; This opportunity was a chance to offer a wider range of centrifuges and accessories, combining French and Slovenian know how and patents developed all along the past 20 years.

- Development of Centrifuge Centric 260 R

YEAR 2019

- Start with the production of the new, BIG VOLUME centrifuge series, Series 48 and 108

- Model registration of Centrifuge Centric 260R by European Union Intellectual Property Office

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